Hello and welcome to joeleepost-lifestyle and inspration design for women


Hello and Welcome to Joeleepost 

Lifestyle and Inspiration

Hi Everyone,

My name is Joelee Smith and this is an introductory post to my Blog , “Joeleepost”.

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Hello and welcome to “Joeleepost”  a Lifestyle and Inspirational website.

Joeleepost  is design to give useful and meaningful information to my users.

My intent is t o keep, my users up -to- date with the latest trending topics on Lifestyle  and Inspiration.

I also want to use my blog to inspire people and change lives.

Every post is write with my users in mind, that means, if you are happy with

the contents that I  am sharing then…. I am  happy! 🙂


Your interaction and involvement means a lot to me, this way I can create better contents that you will

enjoy reading and find useful.

Joeleepost” an  interactive and user-friendly.

You can easily interact with my blogs,  by commenting, sharing or liking.

You can also subscribe for FREE , and receive my free newsletter, and instant updates on new  posts .

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 Hello and welcome again (Get to know me!)

I am certified Real Estate and have worked in the field for over 5 years.

I’ve actively been in entertainment for most my life,  I have a natural love

for the artistic and creative world, between writing and performing music, modeling, and taking acting lessons, I believe I  gained valuable life lessons, and skills.

Now, through finding my purpose and by using  my blog as a medium, I want to use that knowledge and experience to inspire and uplift women.

I am extremely passionate about inspiring women, I believe strongly in  women empowering and educating women about issue that affects us.

Uplifting,Empowering and Inspiring Women

I have also been into healthy living  for over 11 years, I closely watched what I  consume, I workout most days.

and meditate daily.

I just recently got into yoga, which  I use to balance my chakra ( energy without in)  I also uses Essential Oil which are exceptional  soothing  (when used for aromatherapy) to the mind, body and soul  and coconut oil for my skin which leaves my skin looking healthier and smoother.


There you go! in a nutshell you have learn more about me in this one post, then I have known about myself my entire life! 🙂



This is me giving selflessly.

I look for nothing in return, only that you will find my post very inspiring and impactful…and … a nice comment too

I  am very excited to share with you on this journey, I  look forward to learning from

and growing with you.


No man is an island….no man stands alone




I am very passionate about this work that I am doing. It will be a complete pleasure to serve you

Thank You,



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Hi, My name is Joelee I am very passionate about inspiring and uplifting people. Through finding my purpose, I created Joeleepost website/blog to share my voice and a little piece of myself with the world. I want to use this medium to shed a little more light in the world. One of my philosophy is "once you believe you will achieve"

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