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Dreams, goals, purpose-equals a meaningful life….starting living your best life!



Wouldn’t it be just jolly, if life was as simple as, going for a stroll in the park or walking your dog?

Oh yes it would! if life was as simple as, the above-mentioned I would  be taking a stroll in the park every single day! But,you see, the reality is, life isn’t as simple as simple as any of those things I just mentioned.

However,  by listening to our heart and with self-discipline we can simplify our lives.

In this post I want to talk about “dream” and how having a dream, and working towards our dream ,can simplify our existence. Personally I am a big dreamer, I used to spend days upon days dreaming, however, during my time of dreaming I realized that

Dream without work is as useless as phone without no charge

Hence, we have to put our dreams into perspective, turn them into reality, and that reality eventually becomes our life!


What is the Definition of Dream?

There are many definition of the word “Dream” but about what I want share with you today,

A dream is a strongly desired goal or purpose!

Hence, we need to set attainable Goals, and

We need to have a purpose!


What are attainable goals?

They are goals the you can  easily reach and that aren’t difficult to meet.

Therefore setting short-term goals would be a great way to start.

There are two type of goals, long-term goals .

Long-term goals , are goals that you acquire over a 2 years – 5 years period

and short-term  goals, are goals that are acquired,  daily, weekly monthly, and/or yearly

Today I want to focus on short-term goals, because those are the ones that are easily met.

Best way to make sure  that you are fulfilling your goals, is to keep a log or a diary of all the short-term goals you want to carry out.
each time one goal done, you must  cross it off your list.

Short-term goals you can set for yourself
  • Scheduling out your daily activities
  • Meeting a deadline
  • Finish something you started
  • Completing daily chores or tasks
  • spending more time with family and friends
  • Taking more time for yourself
  • Enroll in a workout program
  • starting a healthy life style
  • Start living your dream
  • find your purpose
  • Get involve in community activities

We all must live our dreams, however your dreams can become broken are tarnish, simply because of these reasons;

  • You are too bust attending to the dreams of others
  • You are unmotivated  by our own dreams,
  • Lacking support from our love ones ( whether it be Financial, Emotional, Mental, or Physical),
  • Lacking confidence or esteem
  • Lacking drive and enthusiasm
  • You have no purpose
  • You are not setting goals and accomplishing them


During my years of soul-searching and self-realization, I  have come to find that,

  1. We are as broken as our dreams
  2. Our dreams are like a planets, we have to water them in order for it to flourish!

Therefore, don’t just dream and fall asleep on your dream, be wide awake when you dream! water your dream…let is flourish


What is purpose?

Earlier I said that a dream is a strongly desired goal or purpose, we have already discussed goal (short-term)

now let us look at purpose


Many of us find the word “purpose” as being complex, we struggle with finding what our purpose is, while we been haunted with questions like;

  • Why are we here?
  • Are fulfilling our purpose?
  • What is our purpose?
  • Are we living the life we ?

Most of the time the answer we came up with is…NO!

Our purpose is the soul reason why we are here on this earth.

Not until you find your purpose, will you find complete happiness

No purpose….No joy!

Purpose is what brings us  joy, and meaning to our life or existence.
Can you imagine getting up in the mornings without a sense of purpose….

What you believe will happen?


  1. will walking around aimlessly all day
  2. might get in some trouble
  3. will feel hopeless
  4. will feel helpless
  5. might even think about not being here anymore


Only after finding and working through your short-term  purpose, you can then move on to your long-term purpose, like saving the world or stopping global warming

Who does want to safe the world and stop Global warming 🙂

I am saying to say that without working through our immediate challenging, it’s never plausible for you to worry about, that which we cannot control.

Building blocks of life!
joeleepost-3D-segemented pyramid
3D Segmented pyramid used to show the relationship among ,dream, goals, purpose and how it equates to a meaningful life!


Look at life this way,

when a carpenter is building a house what is  the  first steps he takes to make sure that he’s building a strong house that can sustain any storm?


If you don’t have a solid foundation, what will happen is, the house you built, will be unable to sustain or withstand any force of nature

However, if we have a solid foundation, what’s on top will/might crumble, but the foundation will still be there.

Thus, your  short-term goal /purpose is  your foundation.

If you look at the word “purpose” just as the word goal or dream, it is as small  as waking up in the mornings

and feeling purposeful or as gigantic as saving the world!

So, just as goals purpose is short-term and long-term
hence, you MUST know what is your short-term purpose and work on fulfilling those.

How you start living our Purpose?

  • First above anything else we MUST start  soul-searching
  • Stop looking at the surface and go deeper within ourselves
  • Start taking risks
  • Be fearless
  • Be Inspired by even the little things
  • Never stop dreaming!
  • know your purpose


Inspirational life quote!
Having a dream , setting goals, and living your purpose! mean you will life a more meaningful life!

 Click link to see more quotes like this one!

Thank you for reading my Blog! I have you can find added inspiration

and start living a life of purpose!

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I would love to hear from you !

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What ways can these guidelines be added to your life to make it simpler?

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