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How to take time for yourself and make time for others

I open with this beautiful poem to evoke a feeling of inspiration, I want you to feel inspired with every fiber of your being,

I want you to get up and see the sunrise, smell the roses, dance, live, love, laugh…..and then watch the sunset!


Do it all over again and again!

For me, inspiration is having the courage to do something, without having someone tell you.

Inspiration can come from anything or anyone.

Nevertheless,  most of us are very uninspired, we have no drive, zeal or zest.

This is caused by several different reasons or things.


Reasons for lack of Inspiration or Motivation

  • Unhappiness
  • Lack of Faith in ourselves and our abilities
  • We procrastinate
  •  We become lazy
  • Lack of drive and Enthusiasm
  • Fear of what others might say or think Fear of failure
  • Not living in our purpose

When we are living in our purpose and we are doing the things that we love,

as a result, we are more enthusiastic about life, we extremely  motivated, energized, and eager to go!

The main source of energy is food, however, we could be eating all the food in the world, and we are still sluggish, lethargic, and unenthusiastic,

this is because  we are not motivated or inspired.

When we become uninspired, It is not only easy for us,  in that state mind for a very long time,

but it is also very difficult for most us to get out of that state of mind, hence we can fall into depression,

unless we push ourselves harder, find our courage and re-energize our minds, bodies, and souls.

As women we are most likely to develop mental or social illnesses , such as depression

Therefore, must take care of ourselves to avoid this as best we can.


What is Depression?

Many of us believe that depression is a state of sadness, lack of energy and drive and that we will be fine sooner or later.

However, depression is much more severe than that. Depression is an illness, that if not treated can become a chronic Disease.

which most of us  “turn a  blind eye on.”  many us do not speak out about having depression or being depressed, clearly, “its taboo.”


 A taboo that affect millions


Read more about women and depression

It is important to: Take time for yourself and make time for others

Many of  spend our younger years toiling away at work and Building career.

many of don’t even have time for ourselves, we spend all our time caring for everyone  everything else, but ourselves.

We spend all this time doing all that…. but these are a few questions you should ask yourself ;



  • doing what I Love?
  • driven by what I am  doing ?
  • happy? 
  • living a life of purpose?
  • living or merely existing?

These are some of the questions, I want you to ask yourself,  because only the answers to these questions, are going to help you to find true inspiration and our drive.

t uplift and empower you!

Being busy a good sign it means you are working,


you must take time for yourself and be in tune all the magic that is in you.

We need time to look at , re-energized, refuel, recharged and  Re-inspire.

I want to share with you  my Philosophy that I live by:


 TIME  isn’t something you make for yourself…TIME is something you take for yourself

We TAKE time for ourselves and MAKE time for others, never the other way around.

If, you are having to ‘make time’ for yourself, then it is very clear that your life need to reshuffled.

If you look closely at what I am saying, you will realize that “TIME belongs to all of us!

Hence , “YOUR TIME”  must be  controlled and allotted by you , never by someone else.

I often tell women that I  have conversations with about,

“how busy their lives are” and “how they can’t find time for themselves.

And I completely understand the struggles that we as women have to deal with, especially women with family.

Nonetheless, we must to find an equal balance between work and play.

There is a saying  that  is often used in our culture. (Jamaican) maybe other cultures use this saying as well.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

and visa-versa.

I am sure you don’t want the be  a dull boy/girl?

there is no reason for you to not be sharp  in all areas.

therefore, we must equally balance, work , family and social life

and most importantly, “self time”


Ways to enjoy “Me Time” – (Take time for yourself and make time for others)

Taking moments for yourself  away from  family and work , you should never have to feel guilty about.

We all must able to take A “way-cation” from everything!

Because when it all comes down to it, if you are not in your best shape, mentally, physical,

emotionally and even spiritually  you can’t take care of anyone!

I love and enjoy taking my #METIME it is one of my favorite things to do.

Not because I am selfish, but I know the how important it is to me to have those moment for myself.

when you are enjoying your alone time, it can just be a few minute, as long as you’re alone with your thoughts.


 Ways how I take “me time”

I love nature, so one of my favorite things to do is go for a walk outside or

sometimes I just sit on my balcony, and enjoy the outdoors and just be with myself.

  • I meditate (meditation is a great way to reconnect with self, at least 15 minute of meditation goes a far way)
  • Practice yoga ( practicing yoga is very helpful, it is very relaxing and its good exercise)
  • Enjoy working out (20 – 30 minutes cardio  goes a far way this particular good for your overall health)
  • I write( writing done your ideas is one of the best way to feel inspired and  motivated).
  • This is my favorite thing to do on my down days I like to just relax and watch my favorite TV shows! Netflix and chill baby!
  • I love tea!  I like to just relax and enjoy a warm cup of  tea, Yogi Tea my favorite! (this simple ,right ?)
  • and the last one on my list” grocery shopping” who doesn’t love shopping?
  • going grocery shopping alone is another great way to clear my head and enjoy some me time baby!

These are some of the little things I enjoy doing, which helps to keep the mind free of all distracting thoughts and ideas.

you can try them too!

Taking time for yourself DOES NOT means hanging out with friends or a big group

It  simply means “taking time for yourself…Me time”

Being by yourself is a good way to relax, clear your mind and gather inspiration.


Most of our most genius ideas come to us when we are by ourselves


I know, that putting your needs first, is sometimes extremely challenging, especially when you  are so busy and burden, with “living the norm”

however, sometimes we must

break away from  “living the norm” for our own sanity and creative minds.

Try it and feel the difference!


Please enjoy a few motivational  poems and quotes written by me!

My expression  of Dreams & Inspiration!

Dream by: Joelee  you can enjoy more Poems and Quotes here β‡

(Life, Inspiration quotes)

By; Joelee





Thank you for reading Joeleepost!

I hope from reading my blog, you can find  added inspiration!

I would love to connect with you!

Share your stories below or contact me via email by going to about me page and field in the necessary fields.

I personally know that it is challenging  to always stay inspired.

How do you deal with your down days?

What are some of the ways you uplift yourself and find inspiration?





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  1. This is definitely worth a read. You’ve put together my thoughts.. when I find myself stuck on a rut, it’s hard to do anything as my mind is a mess… Thank you for your tips here

  2. All of this is so true! It’s very important that we choose how we spend our time rather than let it be stolen from us with busy work, distractions, and high demands from others. Great post! 😊

  3. These are questions that I ask myself a lot now that I’m in my mid-30s. At some point, going through the motions isn’t good enough and you really gravitate toward things that inspire you to keep moving.

    1. Me too, hence me starting my blog. i really wanted to inspire people, well i have all my life, so why not on a bigger scale. thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me πŸ™‚ it means a lot!

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