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blogger recognition award-joeleepost


I am a nominee for the blogger recognition Award.Blogger Recognition Award-joeleepost 

 Blogger Recognition Award

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to share with you my story on how I started blogging,

but first I want to thank Crazy Mommy for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award, it is an honor.

I also want to take this time to introduce you to Crazy Mommy blog.

It is  a very interested blog about kids with special needs, travel and more. I want all of you to go check out her blog now
I know you want to jump right to the juicy story of how I started my blog,

but I am going let you wait just a little while longer and tell you about the  Blogger Recognition Award and what it stands for. (so stay with me)


What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

After seeing how hard we worked as bloggers, my fellow blogger decided that we too needed an award for our hard work and contribution to society.
In other words, the blogger Recognition Award is an online award created by bloggers to honor bloggers for their work. it works


How it works

Fifteen bloggers nominated for the award, after accepting the award, the accepting bloggers will then;

• Write a blog post
• Thank the blogger who nominate them
• Give a brief story of how their blog started
• Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
• Select 15 other bloggers they want to give this award
• Comment on each blog that you have selected to receive the award with a link to how to accept the award


Why I started my blog


In my last post how to live a meaningful live I touched very briefly on the topic of why I started my blog.
Most people who know me very well asked me this same question when I told them about my blog, reason being, I was on a path and seriously working in the entertainment field as a recording Artist.
In the past I have also tried to pursue other professions, that was neither satisfying nor was I completely happy about.

Fast forward ,to about a month and half ago. I was in Miami Beach at a music conference Which I had an invitation to attend because I won first place in a music competition.
However, while at the conference and attending these panels and listening to the questions being asked (questions that I needed answer to) and the many advice that was given and the quiet times that I spent in my hotel room by myself, soul-searching for five days and thinking of ways to approach my music career, where I could be much more successful, something major happened the changed the course of my life and alter my life completely.

I have always known that I wanted to inspire people by the masses, I also thought that through my music platform I could carry out this, however the deeper I got into music the more uncomfortable I felt and the less excited I become.

I was always passionate about music; nonetheless I was more passionate about living in my purpose, which was to inspire people and bring joy to people’s lives.
Music was pulling me in one direction and my heart tugging at me and my pulling me in a completely different direction.

So, while spending an awesome amount of time in my hotel room by myself, I had an epiphany, a live altering experience.

Check out my last post on how to take time for yourself and make time for others


So, I remember getting home and researching blogging, which opened a whole new world right in front of my face, I had absolutely no clue how vast and successful the blogging community was and is .

I never thought before then, that I wanted to blog nor could I be I blogger.
I was always so skeptic and had a negative reaction to the idea of me becoming a blogger,

However, in that moment I saw clearly, how I could use this platform (blogging) to get my message across how I wanted to and positively impact lives and inspire as many people or as the musical platform or even more. I also realized that blogging could brought me the same success and music if I stay consistent and work hard.
Not only did it felt right in my heart, but I felt like I have finally found the answer to all my questions.
I was happier and I felt l this is where I should be.


I have used the system of chakra for some time now to the reconnect with myself and to bring balance in my life.
If you too have felt a little out of whack and are living I life that aren’t satisfying, and you need to reconnect with yourself.
I will be writing a blog on the System of Chakra, how I use it and how you can use it to too.

My advice to upcoming bloggers

I believe that through first, believing in yourself then working hard and being consistent we can do anything.
So, my advice to not only upcoming bloggers, but to anyone who wants success at anything.

Hard work and consistency is the key to success

I have always heard the saying

work smarter and not harder

I say,

work harder first then you do smarter work

Reason being, (and I speak from experience) you cannot get to the top without hard work it doesn’t matter what field or profession you are in. when, after you get to where you want to than you can relax just a little and start working smarter, because then if only takes maintenance.

Now I would like to nominate (not sure if I can get to fifteen since I just started my blog a little over three weeks ago, however I am active in many social groups for bloggers and I had seen a few bloggers that, I believe, work hard and is deserving of this recognition and award.
Hence, I want to nominate

Patty Zen

Rekha sahay

Billions of lives

Yesnia martinez Fantabulous 40s

Pretty woo Syntich Degri

Travel with Art Ali Dunnell

Glenda Bixler

Love christin Christin Thiess

Get to know my readers

Joeleepost- getting to know-my users-images-

Thank you for reading my post…. I hope you find this post useful and inspiring!

I would love to hear from you!

Q& A 

What or who have changed your life?

If you have a second chance what would you do differently?

I would love to hear your stories!

Leave me comment below or contact me via email.




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