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Inspirational Quotes are a great way to uplift our spirit and re-energize our minds.

Quotes gives us courage when we are not brave enough and strength when we are not strong enough.

Seeing are hearing a powerful quote, can add so much value to our lives and help us to remember who you truly are.

More and more these days, with the internet and social sites, quotes have taken on a brand new light and have become more popular.

Quotes are a way of expression and are very influential.

Inspirational Quotes are affirmations and a great stimulant to everyone.

Sharing an Inspirational Quote daily, is a way of encouragement, love, and spiritual, and psychological awakening.

Inspirational Quotes

When I write a quote, I write from a place of passion, thoughtfulness and love.

My quotes are  personal and  dare to me.

When I share a quote that I have written, I also share a part of me.


I want you to enjoy these quotes as much as I enjoy writing and sharing them with you.


My Collection(inspirational quotes)

This first quotes is a about “Energy”

Energy is so real and contagious, be mindful of the people you surround yourself with.

Bad energy attracts  bad energy.

Not only do you need to surround yourself with good energy,

your overall energy must be good because it a reflection of who  you are.

Transform you energy, choose your company wisely  and watch  your entire life transforms.


Comparing yourself to others can do you no good, NEVER compare yourself to anyone.

When you compare yourself to others, whether you are making a direct comparison or an indirect  comparison.

you will always find something wrong with your life.

Be your own competition, strive to impress yourself and never others.

Be your own kind of beautiful, be your own kind or wealth and find happiness from being just you!



Settling does not means you are not courageous enough.

It does not means you have lost.

It simply means, you acknowledge were you are with your life and you will strive for better.

It is also saying, Ok, this is where I am and I am alright with that now,

however, this is where I want to reach  in the  near future.

Settling is away to remove build up pressure from failure to succeed.


This Quote all stem from settling.

It is the understanding that Ok, I am where I want to,

However, am I going to make myself miserable and frustrated or am I going to release that this is what life is handing me now.

I can use those lemon to made lemonade on a hot summer day , while knowing that Autumn/Fall is right around corner,

therefore I am hopeful that the heat will eventually turn into cooler days.



One of the most important Quotes so far is this one!

Time is the master of everything, you can not rush greatness, you must exercise patience and give it time.

Everything is a process, even though things might be moving along slowly, try to look at the brighter side of things.

find the silver lining


This one just said it all!

In everything there is a balance.

Living a balance lifestyle is great for our state of mind and overall health.

Work hard but also play hard, do things you love and enjoy.

Create that Balance!


Life can get really hard most-times with a lot of tough challenges and adversities.

However, never forget how strong you are and that you are a warrior.

Remember that you were born with the instinct and skill of a survivor.

Never give up! never lose hope!


I smile at this one…this quote is so powerful and real.

Have you ever throw a rubber-band next to wall and watch it bounce back?

well that’s you bouncing back from all the beat downs, the rejections, you battles that you have fought and lost.

You might be battered,…you will get bruised

but guess what, your bounce back nice!

It is your courage to get back and fight, that everyone will look at and  appreciate at, not your scars.


Insprational quotes-joelee

Too often we try to live a life that impress other.

eventually in the process of “keeping up” we lost ourselves.

Like I said earlier be your own competition and live a live that suits you.

This one gets me every time

I am simply saying be satisfied with what you got.

wanting a better for yourself is a good thing,

however, it becomes a problem when you con not show self-control.

you  must know how to control your habits and never create more problems for yourself.


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 Thank you for reading this post….I would love to hear from you!

I hope that you find my quotes and this very stimulating and inspiring.

If you would like to share one of my quote on any site social sites, please feel free to do so.

Q & A

What are your challenges?

How do you resolve them?

I will go first, one of the most challenging thing for me is to not worry about everything, and having fate that everything will be just fine.

therefore, I am work on  worrying less and growing in faith.

How I do this is by, keeping myself busy with work, yoga and meditation and other things a love and enjoy.  share button-joeleepost

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