Meditation benefits-Importance of meditation for women.

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Meditation Benefits (why I meditation)

Meditation benefits are increasingly high, so today more people are getting into the practice.

Initially , when I started meditating, I had no clue what I was doing, what to expect or how effective it would be.

When I just started out meditating, it felt so weird to sit motionless for even few minutes.

So, it took some time for me to settle in and stay focus in meditation mood.

My mind would be all off the place, going a hundred miles per hour.

But, the important thing is ,I always refocus and give myself permission to be present.

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I have always been a supporter of healthy living and well-being.

I watch what I eat, to make sure I’m eating the right food and I am fully nourishing my body.

I also exercise at least four times weekly on a good week.

However, even with my focus eating habits and my strict workout and exercise plan.

I would still feel like something was out of balance.

When I started meditating, I start to notice a change in my  overall mood and how I communicate.

I was far less agitated, I got better sleep, I was all around feeling like a brand new me.

I can glorify meditation, because it is has helped me in so many ways.

Practicing meditation, gives me a sense of gratitude and  self-awareness.

and the best part it Improved my relationships.



Meditation Benefits-the importance of mediation

As mentioned before Meditation is increasingly popular and is a practice many, including myself, across the world.

Studies done over the years have shown how mindfulness meditation reacts with our brain function and how it  improve stress levels.

Research  also shown that meditation can improve health and even slows down disease progression.

Practicing meditation at least fifteen minutes (15 minutes) per day can make a world of difference.

Mindfulness meditation will improve to your ,metal, physical and Spiritual health.

Meditation is important for your well-being because it :-

  • Lower stress levels so you r feel more relax
  • Stimulate brain function and improve concentration
  • Boost Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Increase self-awareness and Gratitude
  • Relief pain caused by stress or anxiety
  • Balances your chakra and Improves your overall energy
  • Improves self-acceptance
  • Increase happiness
  • Improves your lifestyle
  • It defies age
  • Gives you a feeling of Wholeness

Like I said, I have practiced meditation for several months now, and I can testify that researcher are absolutely correct in their findings.

Meditation have improved my, mental, physical and spiritual health.

I have seen major improvement, in every area of my life and I am very happy that I  started practicing meditation.

I believe that meditation is particularly important for women to practice.

Since, women are the most likely to suffer from stress-related issues.

If you suffer from stress-related issues, implementing fifteen minutes (15 minutes) a day of mediation practice

in your daily route or schedule, could be the missing piece to the puzzle.


How to Meditate Effectively(Get the Meditation Benefits)

There is no right or wrong way  to meditate (and this is my belief)


Many is of the belief that you need complete silence to meditate effectively and you need to be in complete Zen mode.

but, if you can disconnect easily ,you can meditate in a crowded place like Time Square.

On the other hand if you cannot disconnect easily, it is best when meditating, to do so in Zen Mode in a quit room by yourself.

some people like to  burn  Candles

or Incense when mediating for a relaxing session.

I like to listen to meditative music when I meditate.

Listening to meditative music while I meditate, relaxes me and I can switch of my thoughts very quickly by listening to the sound of the music.

Another way how to meditate is to create a nice atmosphere,  diffuse your favorite essential oil  for a calming effect.

Most people when meditating like to be Zen mode.

However, you can lay in bed and meditate if you like as long as you are mentally conscious .

The most important thing to remember or practice  when meditating is being present.

Allow yourself the present completely, mind, body and soul.

That’s the only way (and this is my believe again) you will be able meditate effectively.


For an improve result! 

Mix up your meditation session with yoga!

like meditation yoga is increasingly beneficial.


Last words

Meditation is not only a practice it is a lifestyle.

When meditating you will see and feel the effect immediately!

However, to sustain that result, the practice of meditation must become a routine.

Meditating has to become apart of you- apart of your lifestyle.

I have days when I don’t get to meditate(I try to do it first thing in the morning) because of whatever reason and I will tell you this, I feel all kind of crazy.

So, it is important if you decide to practice meditation, just like exercise, you have to develop a rhythm to see lasting results.

Joeleepost user interafce-meditation benefits

Thank you for reading…I do hope you find this post beneficial!

and, if you have not yet start practicing mediation, this post is an enlightenment and an encouragement to do so.

Q & A

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Thank You 

Love, Joelee

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