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When it is easy to slip on a lace front wig or style a relaxed or processed hair.

On the other hand, it is not so easy to comb up a hairstyle with your natural hair.

Natural Hair Care is sometimes a hassle, It takes patience, time and products to get that one desired look.

Natural is sometime hard to manage and especially when you have a full head of hair.

Coming up with style ideas too for your natural hair , you can say,  is a Brain-Buster

Since hair is considered  a woman’s true Beauty this is one thing you do not want to mess up!



Finding the right line of  products that suit your natural  hair type and texture, is sometime challenging.

In most cases you would  have to go through a slew of products, before finding that one product that works for you.

Thankfully, I have experimented with natural hair care products, since I have decided to rock my natural hair,

During my one of experimental phases, I have found the most amazing line of products that I am raving about!


the best part is, I am not keeping it secret to myself,

I am sharing it with you, so you too can have your natural hair looking as fabulous as mine.

Why AS I AM for Natural Hair Care

First of all, I am not getting paid to write an excellent blog review on this product nor am I a spokesperson  for this brand.


Asiam PRODUCTS really works!

I genuinely, just walked into a convenient store to buy products for my hair(since I was not satisfied with the one I was using)

and the store clerk recommended I try this line of product. (ASIAM)

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I cannot lie, I am very happy she introduce to the As I am brand, because now my hair is looking fabulous and feeling so much softer.

I also get to share how amazing this product is, with all of you!

What initially caught my attention when I saw  AS I AM  line of products, was the packaging.

Firstly, I  thought the packaging was quiet appealing with an expensive look ,which tells me that thoughtful planning went into creating this product.


with every woman I know, including myself, If we are spending as little as a penny we want to look and feel our best or may I say expensive.

Secondly the price

For a product line with such an attractive and expensive look and  high quality’

The products are quiet affordable when compare to other competing brands.

You can not  beat a good price!

Thirdly and most importantly it works!

As I am products, not only look good-they do the job!

Unlike many other products that I used, when you use this brand you get what you pay for and more!

After trying so many other natural hair products, in disappointment, I finally found one that I am happy to blog about.

I am very impressed with the results that I get after using this product.

Base on how well it work for my hair type I can tell that AS I AM , was especially designed for women of color.

ASIAM has no harsh chemicals that  will damage your hair, so it is safe to use on all types of hair.



Like I said before, they have a complete line a products from cleansers, to conditioners  to moisturizer to styling products.

Since, I not too long ago found out about them, I wanted to make sure their products work.


I only use four of their products (for now)  in this same order, which are , Curly Clarity Shampoo for cleansing, the Leave-in Conditioner for conditioning my hair, for a softer look and feel.

The Double Butter Cream for daily moisturizer and finally (my favorite ) without this last one there is no LOOK!

The Curling Jelly for styling.

The Curling jelly is what gives the hair its finishing look!

Normally, when I use products I would not use the complete line.

However, with my natural hair,  I find that a product works best, when used with another product of the same line of products.


Since it is  a complete line of product, you can experiment with products  to see what work best for you

These four products that I used (as seen in video) gives me the desire look that I want, you can also try these if you wise!

I recommend this line of products because it works! .

I only show you how  I get my look,


If you go on YouTube you can watch videos of how to create a look when using any of these product.

You can do coils, you can twist,  or you can wear it just like mine 🙂

Whatever style you want, there is a product to create that style and a video you can watch  to get that look.



Always remember to cleanse your hair before you apply or reapply any products to your hair.

Products work better on clean hair!



Thank you for reading this post! I hope you find it very informative and helpful!

Also remember to attached in the comment field pictures of how you style your hair.

Share with me your best tips on how you keep your style lasting longer!











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