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Philanthropists See Who is Top Ten on the List

Philanthropists are persons who practice Philanthropy (giving for a good cause).

Browsing through the internet, I stumbled upon this article on Wikipedia about the greatest Philanthropists, by US dollar estimation.

I was not only surprise to see the billions of dollars that each person have given to charity, but it also inspire me to shed some more light on these good People.

“Ok.  So let me start over and get my story correct”

I get these Briefings from Flipboard News on my Samsung Android Phone 

So, in one of those briefings was a news article on Bill Gates, which I was reading.

This article also contained a link to Wikipedia which I clicked.

By clicking on that link, it lead me to the discovery of this fantastic story about Philanthropists, which I felt compelled to share.

The act of philanthropy is highly regarded as humanely righteous.

Many people around the world are giving graciously, to causes, such as, Healthcare, Education, Youth Development and many other Charities and causes.

When I stumbled upon this article and while I was reading, I felt so inspired.

It lead me to realize, that are still good people in this world, who wants to see a better tomorrow.

We weren’t born evil….evil was created in us

I also, started to think about my contribution to society and how I am giving back.

I  Admire these people and the contribution they have made and or still making to Society.

My aspiration, is exemplary to these great people in society.

I might never be able to give Billions.

However, I can make a difference in this world, by giving.

No matter how small it is, even through this blog I am giving.

With hope that I am reaching people and changing lives.

Top Ten Philanthropists-The Most Giving persons

Like I said, I felt compelled to share this story, because many of you might be like me, that have no knowledge of how much money have been given away to charity.

You also might not know the people who are contributing immensely, to not only your development, but to your children and your future grandchildren or great-Grandchildren.

And in the true Spirit of Christmas the Holiday of giving, this is the  perfect timing to honor these Philanthropists.

So, with no further Adieu, I give to  you the Top Ten , The greatest Philanthropists.

Ok here we go,

Just another moment!

I know you can’t wait to see who is Number One on the list , But before I name these top ten Philanthropists.

I want to take this time to acknowledge anyone who have contributed anything, whether it is Voluntary Service , Monetary service or Civil Service and in light of the previously celebrated Veteran’s day in America! I Salute you!

Ok so here we go Again,


The Top Ten philanthropists (The greatest givers by Us dollars amount).

This list, generated by Wikipedia and was last updated in November, 2017.

Wikipedia list eleven top Philanthropist along with over a hundred notable Givers.

Also, other sources like Forbes have a much big list.

However, I am keeping it simple by naming the Top Ten Greatest Philanthropists dead or alive!

Bear in mind that some of these People gave away more than their net Worth in their life time!

“Now! isn’t that commendable or what ?”


10.  Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes ( Picture courtesy Wikipedia)

Howard Hughes was a Business Mogul. He was an engineer, Filmmaker an investor and an Aviator.

Hughes also into Real Estate and Technology.

Before his death in 1976, Hughes founded the Howard Hughes Medical Institute named after him.

This institution  formed in 1953, with focus on Biomedical Research.

Charity: After his death a will surfaced with Hughes leaving his entire Estate worth $2.5 Billion to charity.( Howard Hughes Medical Institute).

Contrary to believe, the court later ruled that he dies intestate (without leaving a will) and his estate was split among 22 cousins.

Hughes focus was Health Care where he gave $1.56 Billion.

Percentage Given: Hughes almost gave away 100% all of his Net worth.



9. Phil Knight

Phil Knight Co-Founder of Nike Inc.
(Picture courtesy Business Insider)


Phil Knight is the Co-founder of Nike Inc. He is an American business Mogul and Philanthropist.

After leaving university, Knight set out on a trip around the world.

On his voyage he stopped in Japan, where he discovered Tiger-running Shoes.

He later called a meeting with the owner and after a successful meeting,

Knight was the contracted distributor of Tiger in the Western Hemisphere.

Knight later went on the start his own company Nike Inc.

Charity: Phil focus is Healthcare, Education and Intercollegiate Athletics, where he has donated $2 billion

Percentage Given  His Net Worth is $25.1 Billion, therefore he has given away a little under 10 percent of his net  worth.

Not bad Mr. knight!


8. Azim Permji

Philanthropists-Azim Premji
Azim Permji (Picture Courtesy Wikipedia)

Azim Permji is a native of India. He is a Business magnate, investor and a Philanthropist.

Azim at the age of 21 years old took over the family business after his father’s death and flourish it into an empire.

Time Magazine not only listed him once, but twice among the 100 influential people in the world.

Charity: Azim gave 2.3 billion to charity, his focus is Education and Healthcare.

Percentage Given: Azim net worth is as of 2017 is $19.5 billion

He has donated more than 10 percent of his net to charity

Well done Azim!


7. Prince Al-Waleed Talel

Prince Al_Waleed Bin Talel
(Picture Courtesy Bing images)


Prince AL Waleed Talel is a Saudi, Billionaire, Businessman, Investor and Philanthropist.

He is the founder and Chief Executive officer of the Kingdom Holding Company.

Charity:  The prince (bear in mind he is only 37 years old) have donated $2.3 Billion to, Foster cultural understanding, develop communities, empower women, enable youth, provide vital disaster relief and create a more tolerant and accepting world.

Anyone who supports the Empowerment of women got my support way to go Prince!

Percentage Given: Prince Talel, Have a whooping net worth of $16 billion as of this month.

He gave to charity more 10 percent of his net worth!

Are you seeing the trend here among these men?


If you have not being following carefully, continue reading

You ‘ll find the answer in below Tips!!

6. George Soros

Philanthropists-Geogre -Sores
George Soros (Picture Courtesy Wikipedia)

George Soros, is a Hungarian-American, Business Mogul, Investor, Author and  Philanthropist.

He is known for managing the Open Society Foundations
and Advising the Quantum Fund.

Charity: Sores Donated more than 6 Billion to charity in his lifetime.
His charities of focus are, Health care, Human Rights, Economic, Anti-Fascist Publications, Legal, and Social reform.

 Percentage Given: Soros, latest updated net worth was 8 billion, he has Donated more  than 60 Percent of he is Net Worth to charity!

Is that admirable or what?

5. Chuck Feeney

Philanthropist-Chuck Feeney (Picture courtesy Bing Image)

Chuck Feeney, born in New Jersey, is a Irish-American Businessman and Philanthropist.

He is the founder (since 1982) of The Atlantic Philanthropies one of the larger private foundation in the world.

Charity: Chuck had devoted his time and money to charities such as, Healthcare, poverty, human rights, ageing and youth.

Percentage Given: Feeney’s net worth is a startling $1.5 Million

He gave more the 6 Billion to Charity his lifetime.

Which is-uh, let’s just say Mr. Feeney did not mastered the art of Way to Save Money.

This is just astounding!


4. Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie-Philanthropist and Businessman (picture courtesy Wikipedia)


Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish American Business and Philanthropist.

Born in 1835 Andrew was a business industrialist in the steel industry.

Carnegie lived a long life, he died at the age of eighty-three.

During his last decade living decade and a half.

Carnegie, gave away more than $300 million to charities, universities and foundation.

After selling his steel company he became one of the richest man alive, according to Forbes Magazine

Charity: During his years on earth, Carnegie donated close $10 billion, to the development of Education and World peace Efforts.

Percentage Given:  Carnegie’s Net Worth was 309 Billion.

Carnegie donated less than 5 percent of his net earning.

Not bad…..let’s commend him!


3. Li Ka-Shing

Li-Ka-Shing (Chinese)
Picture Courtesy-Wikipedia

Li is a Business Mogul , Investor and Philanthropist.
Currently, he is the Chairman of CK Hutchinson Holdings, CK Property Holdings and Li ka Shing Foundation.

Ka-Shing was one of the most Influential Entrepreneurs in Asia, with a diverse portfolio in businesses, such as, Real Estate, Transportation, Financial Services Retail ,and energy. (my guess this is how you build an empire, investing in multiply businesses).

Charity: Li spend more than $10 Billion in healthcare and Education

Percentage Given: Li Ka- Shing is one of the richest man in the world with a Net Worth of 33.8 Billion.

He given close to 30 percent of his net Earning to charity.

This act of kindness should never go unnoticed! way to go Li!

(why am I thinking about the movie rush hour, anyways let’s move on).


2. Warren Buffet

Smiling Mr. Warren Buffet
(Picture Courtesy, Bing Images)

Sure you have  heard of Mr. Warren Buffet, he was the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

Berkshire Hathaway a company the owns GEICO, Fruit of the Loom, Helzberg Diamonds among other know Brands.

Mr. Buffet’s  empire have over 13 product Revenues, from insurance all the way down to toys.

Now that is what you called “building a diverse empire”

Charity: Buffet is a Philanthropist who gave away more than 30 billion to charity (exact amount $30.7 billion).

The exact figure in dollar amount $30,700,000,000  yeah, too many zeros to count!

He  donated money to Charities such as, Healthcare, education, AIDS-prevention, sanitation.

Percentage Given:  Mr. Buffet’s has an estimated $625 billion in accumulative assets.

His net worth is $81. 1 billion, Which means he gave away over 40 percent of his net earnings.

(  OMG! I have written so many billions in this one post , now I am feeling like a billionaire ).

To say the least, Mr. Buffet is an iconic and outstanding figure in society.

Let’s acknowledge is wealthy contribution for the development of better world.


You all probably know who number one is!

Without giving away too much, I will say he’s the richest man in the world. Oops!

You all know who I am talking , right?

Number one on the list of Top ten Philanthropists is none other than

1. Mr. Bill Gates

Bill Gates-philanthropists
Bill Gates World’s richest man and owner of Microsoft (Picture Courtesy, Bing Images)


He who haveth the most giveth the most

“Ok. Joelee stop goofing around!”

What can I say about Bill gates that you haven’t already know?

He is one of the most talked about man on the plant.

Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft.

He is also, an investor and the number one Philanthropist in the world.

Charity: Bill along with his wife Melinda Gates Co-owes the Bill and Melinda Gates  Foundation.

Bill has donated $35 billion to charity, such as, Healthcare, Extreme Poverty, Education and  Accessible technology.

Percentage Given: Bill’s net worth is $89.9 billion as of October, 2017.

which means he gave close to  40 percent of his net earnings to charity.

Wow! to say the least,  I am exhausted, from writing all these billions.

I can’t imagine what I would do if I fall into all this money.


I am sure I would be giving it away too, to charity and family and friends.

and of course saving some for myself.



What is the one thing that these Businessman and Philanthropists have in common?


Ok. I am not remotely close to being a financial adviser.

However, from experience and gathering information for this article.

I realized that one of the best ways to earn money


Let your money work for you


Is to invest in it!

Carefully Investing your money is one  proven way to acquire wealth.

So now, do you see the trend among these astute businessmen an what they all have in common?


As always, thank you so much for reading this post.

I hope you find this post very insightful and useful.

I would love to hear from you!

In the comment field share with me ways that you have contributed to the betterment of society.

No matter how small it is, any act of good deed should not go unnoticed!


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