Winter Fashion Trend- Shop On A Budget- Dress Like A Star

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Winter Fashion Trend-Dress like a star

Hi all,

In light of last week staging of the 45th AMAs

 I want to show you some of the hottest winter fashion Trend!

and how you can dress like a star and shop on a budget!

I know every woman wants to look and  feel her best, when she puts on an outfit and step out that door.

She wants to feel confident, fabulous and expensive.

What if I tell you that looking expensive don’t have to cost you a fortune!

Looking fabulous does not have a price tag

You could be wearing the most expensive piece of  clothing, but still look cheap!

That’s if the clothing is wearing you, instead of you wearing the clothing.

My belief is,


It is not how much you spend….. it is how you wear it!


Winter fashion Trend (Choosing the correct Style)

You can’t feel  and look your best, if you are not wearing the proper outfit or style.

Knowing the right style to choose that suits your body type is the biggest factor when choosing any piece of garment.

Also, knowing how to match different pieces too, play a big part after you leave the store or that package reach your doorsteps.

Choosing the correct style, comes with experience.

You have to have a keen eye for fashion, plus knowing your body type.

When you are choosing any piece of clothing, you want to make sure that it enhances all your great features.

So when you walk out that room, you can feel like a million big ones!


Another thing, not because everyone else is wearing it-that does not mean you should wear it too.

Reason being we all have different body type , therefore one size doesn’t fit all.

So, if might not fit you the way it fit someone else, plain and simple!

winter fashion trend-body type
Chart showing different body type of women


Winter fashion Trend ( On A Budget)

Like I said earlier in the text, you can dress and look like a star on a budget!

Choosing the correct pieces and piecing them to together for a complete look is the key to looking fabulous.

Everything ties in, from choosing what dress to wear, to picking out the correct shoes, down to accessories, it’s an ensemble.

Ok, with that being said,  I am going to show you how to choose a the prefect ensemble, that suits your budget!

Winter fashion trend-the complete look



Black on blackWinter Fashion Trend

Haven Outerwear

Anne Klein


Black on black is one of the oldest and most classy fashion trend.

Pair this fashionable coat from Haven Outerwear with this stylish boots from Anne Klein.

Coat and boots can be worn with a  pair of black or blue jeans.

Shop this look! Add the bag as bonus!!


Keep it Classy With a Hint of Color

Winter fashion
Gypsy Jewel 3 Layered Necklace
Winter Fashion trend
Calvin Klein 3/4 Sleeve Round Neck Sweater Dress
Sam Edelman Women’s Hazel Dress Pump


Who said winter fashion have to be boring?

Adding a hint of color to pop your outfit always get a plus in my book.

Spicing up your outfit with a colored purse, earring and/or necklace is a perfect way to accessorize your shades in the winter month.

  • this dress fits better in smaller size base on the placement of the arrows in the mid section of the dress.

Shop this entire look!


Detail is Everything

Winter Fashion Trend
Desigual Women’s Lulu Flat Knitted Long Sleeve Dress
winter fashion trend
Aldo Women’s Cassedy Dress Pump
winter fashion trend
Anne Klein Audrey Medium Clutch

The detail on this Desigual dress is everything.

Roses are also in now, which makes this dress a prefect choice for the winter.

This too can wear all year round.

Pair this beautiful detailed dress with this powder pink heels from Aldo and this black purse from Anne Klein, for the perfect look!

  • To spice things up a little more I would change the belt to a 1/2 black glossy belt.


It is Not Winter if You Don’t Have A Trench Coat

Winter Fashion Trend
Lark & Ro Women’s Classic Maxi Trench Coat


You know it is winter when you whipped out a Trench Coat.

Throw a trench coat over anything for that perfect winter fashion look.

This Trench coat is from Lark & Ro Wear it is lightweight a with a detachable hood.

The four row double-sided button detail, makes for a more fashionable look.

Coat comes in black and New Stone.

Throw in a scarf as a bonus

Sweaters are Fun

Winter Fashion Trend
Guess Women’s Long Sleeve Astrid Embroidered Sweater
Winter Fashion Trend
Levi’s Women’s Mile High Super Skinny Jean
Winter Fashion Trend
Onlymaker Ankle Boots


Sweaters are a cool way to dress down but still dress up.

Like I have said earlier in the text “Detail is Everything!

Perfect for any body type, rock this Guess Embroidery sweater with a pair of jeans for a cool casual look.

Winter fashion Trend

Fashion is a way of life, it is in how we walk, how we talk, it is anything that we do.

When shopping for any piece of clothing make sure it s say something specific about you!

winter fashion Trend

Thank you all so much for reading my blog, per usual I hope you enjoy reading and that  you find the information very useful.

Please feel free the drop me a line in the comment box with your thought,

I appreciate it!

It’s time for

Q & A

Ask me any question you want a bout this post and I will sure to reply asap!

Happy Holidays !!



















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