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Home Accessories- Make a Statement by Accessorizing your home. 

Who doesn’t love a good accent piece or anything that brings out the life in your home and brighten up your day?

Home accessories add life to your home and usually tells a story about each room in your home. 

How you decorate or accessorize your home says a lot about you.

Your home is your sanctuary, this is where you go to relax and unwind after a long, tiring day.

Therefore, you want to make your home as comfortable as possible.

 Home accessories, not only add comfort, But also style and personality to your home.

When shopping for home accessories make sure your are getting the right pieces,

that makes a statement about you and your home.

Shopping for one of a kind items will make your home stand out.


If you ask me you don’t need an interior decorator, be creative and do it yourself! (DIY).

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How to Shop for Home Accessories

After buying the big items for your home like Bedroom set and Living-room set.

Now, is the time to get those smaller decorative and accessory items.

These are sometime the hardest to choose, because these accessories are what add personality to each room of your home to make them unique.

Interior decorating is no easy task, however, if you have a vision and take your time to shop for specific items,

your home can look  and feel like it was decorated by a professional interior decorator.


Things to keep in mind when shopping for Home Accessories  

  • How you want each room to look
  • What you want each piece to say about you
  • The space available for that item(make sure the item doesn’t overwhelm to space but fits perfectly and add value)
  • Make sure it compliment the area and the room
  • You don’t want pieces that clash, but add contrast
  • Shop for unique items
  • Get pieces that go with you style
  • Buy accessories that goes with your initial design

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One of my favorite things to do is to shop for home accessories.

It brings me so much joy, when a buy an accent rug or corner vase for my home.

and no! I am not a shopaholic, like I said, your home is your sanctuary and so is mine.

So while on one of my crazy hunts for home accessories and decor.

I came across some fun finds that you too can use to beautify your home.

And since Christmas is right around the corner, it couldn’t been a more suited by that decorative corner vase

or to change out that accent rug you have always wanted.

How to look like a star on budget

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home accessories is not always a huge, you can get small items to add value and comfort and protection to your home.

Try These Home accessories




Home Accessories-amazon
Baxton- studio Crystal Upholstered Nightstand

If you are into the contemporary look.

This  Baxton Studio crystal upholstered nightstand is a perfect choice for your bedroom.

It is very stylish for comfort and luxury.

comes in three color white, pink and black.

You also have the option of buying a King Ottoman

home acessories-amazon
king ottoman

What are you waiting for give your bedroom an upgrade!

Home Accessories-Amazon
Elecstars Ocean Wave Night Light

Home Accessories-amazon

Set the mood with this ocean wave night.

This small, powerful and useful night light , not only set the mood for a relaxing evening. 

It also a  music player with multicolor LED bulbs.

Perfect for your room or a kid’s room. 

Home Accessories-Amazon
  Elstey -Volleyball 3D Lamp 

This Elstey optical 3D volleyball lamp is a perfect home accessories.

It comes with 7 color changing touch switch,Usb cable and Abs Base.

It is also a perfect choice for Christmas gift.

home accessories -amazon
Safavieh Collection –     Pillow
home accessories-amazon
Perfect Pillow-Holiday Bowknot
home accessories-amazon
Perfect Pillow- Country Ornaments

Who can resist a throw pillow? Especially a holiday throw pillow!

Throw pillow are great accents to have  around the house.

These gorgeously designed pillow will have your home looking plush.

Let you rpillows do the talking this Christmas!


Home Accessories-Amazon
Painted Lavender

We all know that lavender is calming?

This beautifully paint Vase Lavender will add warmth and comfort to your bedroom.


Home accessories-Amazon
Milky Way Sticker Mural

Amaonm creative 3D Blue Cosmic Galaxy wall Decals removable PVC. Perfect for floors,walls and ceiling. Would be a good accessory to a kid’s room.

Free Shipping on orders over $25 

This right now is buy 2 get 5% off

Get this order Free sign up for an Amazon Store Card .

Living Room

Home accessories-amazon
Brightech Beautiful Lamp

I absolutely  love this Brightech Mood lighting shade lamp.

It is multi-purpose, so it is like buying two for the price of one!

This light will look good between sofas or nicely place against any wall in your living room.

Get Free Shipping become a amazon Prime Member

Get $40 off by signing up for the Amazon Store Card.

home Accessories-Amazon
Brightech Madison LED Floor Lamp

This company make some really great Floor Lamps.

This Madison Led Floor Lamp comes with a swing arm,built in 

end table and shelf, two USB port and  one US Electrical outlet.

With three different shades to choose from.

home Accessories-amazon
Dorel Living-Dorel Living Teagan Armless Accent Chair

Comes with one year limited warranty this Dorel Living Accent Chair Will add life and vibrancy to your living room. 

Padded for comfort and stability.

Option for buying used or new.

home decor-Amazon
Dorel Living- Traditional Accent chair

If traditional is your style then this Dorel Living accent chair would suit you.

Spice things up by adding an accent chair to your living room or  even bedroom.

Comes in Graphite Blue also.

Home decor-Amazon
Velener Mini Plastic Fake Green Grass of Plants with Pots for Home Decor

Look like real grass is this Velener Mini Plastic plant.

It is a best seller on Amazon and you can tell why.

Who says it can’t be summer indoors while its winter  outdoors!


Home Accessories-Amazon
Himalayan Salt Lamp – Natural Hand Carved 100% Authentic Ionic Pink Salt Crystals – 8.5-10 Inches Tall


I absolutely love this Salt Lamp. I can imagine this Salt Lamp on an entrance table or a centerpiece on a coffee table.

Himalayan Salt Lamp is a natural air purifier, which creates a warm amber glow.

It’s 100% Authentic Ionic Pink Salt.

Guess what ? it it also hand crafted which makes it unique.

Add a 4 Year Protection for only $2.24 before adding product to shopping cart.

Remember if you sign up for Amazon Store Card you can save $40 on this purchase.

Home Accessories
Impress Life-Decorative Acorn Light

This Acorn light is a perfect holiday decor.

It is 10 ft ft copper wire LEd lighting. Perfect for birthday, wedding or party decor.


Perfect just let to set the mode for the holiday.

But now and get free shipping. receive your shipment within two days when you become Amazon Prime Member.



Home Accessories-Amazon
Gold Armour -Toilet Night Light


Are you stumbling around in the dark to get to the Bathroom at nights?

Well,Stumble No More!  with  this Multiply Color Motion Sensor Toilet Night light, you and your kids will enjoy getting up at nights.

Buy this Motion Toilet Sensor now and receive a discounted on selected items.

I love the idea of the product!

Sometimes you just don’t want to turn on the bright lights when it’s time to potty.


if you are a person who has trouble falling back asleep , you don’t want either.

This  Motion Activated Night will make it so much easier With  has just the right brightness you don’t have to worry about losing your sleep.

Did I I mentioned that your Kids will love it too!

Decor Accessories-Amazon
Linea di Liara Perpetua LED Vanity Sconce

Contemporary designed Sconce , made from polished chrome fittings and frosted white cylinder. esthetically beautiful .

It is easy to install on  each side of your  bathroom wall.

This product cost $59.99


If you sign up NOW for a Amazon Store Card you only pay $19.99 upon approval.


Decor Accessories-Amazon
WAYCOM Dust-proof Toothpaste Dispenser Toothpaste Squeezer Kit

Tired of seeing those squished up toothpaste tubs? Try this convenient hands-free one touch toothpaste dispenser.

Also comes with a toothpaste organizer to hold up to 3-5 toothbrushes.

Its Eco- Friendly, no toothpaste waste Economical designed to squeeze every bit of toothpaste in the tube.

Now it’s that great!


Home Accessories-Amazon
Anself Mini Pure Copper Glow LED Light Water Stream


Check out this cool Pure copper Glow LED light water Streamer.

It comes with Seven Color changing LED lights.

Suited for shower or sink.


home Accessories-Amazon
OMGAI – DIY Mirror Wall Sticker


This DIY adhesive wall sticker mirror will definitely have your home looking great!

Ideal for bathroom , living room, Bedroom or bar area.  Looks really good too against this color paint.



 Check out These Bonus Items

Home Decor-Joeleepost -tips

Be creative when shopping for Home Accessories.

Don’t be timid to try out  different ideas!


Home Accessories

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