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About me
This Is me Joelee
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My name is Joelee Smith and I have design Joeleepost to uplift, inspire and to change lives.

Joeleepost is a lifestyle and inspiration blog/website , especially design for women.

My aim is to use Joeleepost as  a forum to share some of the most compelling lifestyle and inspiration stories.

This website is consist two parent categories Lifestyle and Inspirational Corner.

Joeleepost have 5 sub-categories, Women’s health(issue affecting women), Inspirational Quotes, Inspirational poems, beauty trend and

Home And d├ęcor.

View monthly on homepage an uplifting video of a song or an inspirational speech .

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Joeleepost also have an interactive Q & A section for users. “getting to know my readers”.

This is where I ask a question/s and you can reply in the comment field below that post or email me to share story or a topic  you want  me to write on.

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